Dr. Manisha Morais –

Executive Director | Consultant | Coach

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Manisha is an ambitious and target driven business leader who commits wholeheartedly to combining her two greatest passions: professional development and business development.


She has a heightened interest in self-mastery, mindset and business growth and enjoys being able to serve international clients from both industry and academia.


She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has qualified and practices as an Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner. She is a fully accredited and certified NLP Practitioner and has attended the ACCT Course which is British Psychology Society (BPS) approved.


As a Forbes Coaches Council Member, Fellow of Institution of Chemical Engineers, Fellow of Women’s Engineering Society, Member of IET and Chartered Engineer, she has developed a significant network across Engineering, Technology and business environments.


Manisha is a warm, friendly, funny, and inspiring professional. As a coach and consultant, Manisha focuses on the client’s unique values, integrity, meaningful work, and rediscovering the joy that can be lost during the daily grind.


Manisha invites you to connect further on LinkedIn, and she is happy to answer any questions if you wish to message her on LinkedIn directly.



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