Dr. Manisha Morais –

Executive Director | Consultant | Coach

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Manisha is an ambitious and target driven business leader who commits wholeheartedly to combining her two greatest passions: professional development and business development.


She has a heightened interest in self-mastery, mindset and business growth and enjoys being able to serve international clients from both industry and academia.


She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has qualified and practices as a Coach and Consultant. She is a fully accredited and certified NLP Practitioner and has attended the ACCT Course which is British Psychology Society (BPS) approved.


As a Member of the Institute of Directors, Fellow of Institution of Chemical Engineers, Fellow of Women’s Engineering Society, Member of IET, Non-Executive Director of the Energy Industries Council and Chartered Engineer, she has developed a significant network across Engineering, Technology and business environments. She has also published articles relating to professional development and business development in Forbes whilst a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.


Manisha is a warm, funny, and friendly professional and she invites you to engage further on LinkedIn.




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