Professional Development

Professional Coaching and Career Advisory

Professional Development

Coaching and Career Advisory


Coaching with Kuzuko Group is a valuable means to help you when your unconscious map of the world is not aligned with your conscious actions. It can help in shifting mindset and new behaviour generation to place you in more resourceful states on demand to achieve more of your goals sooner.


The process allows you to identify the obstacles that are making you feel stuck, help you declutter, overcome challenges and move forward in a way that is manageable and fun. Coaching can dramatically improve interactions between yourself and other professionals making you more focussed, useful and impactful in a professional and business environment.


A coach from Kuzuko Group can act as an accountability partner to simply help you get things done and help you focus on high-value activities. The coach can help you identify your unique skills, talents, motivations and passions. They can also help increase your self-awareness, develop a useful mindset, understand your behaviour and emotions to enhance your emotional intelligence and well- being. They work with you to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, fears, and draw your attention, focus and energy to your unique value and the benefits to you of achieving your specific goals.


Everyone is different; that’s why Kuzuko Group tailor coaching sessions to each individual. In general, we provide the following across Industry and Academia:

Executive Coaching - Board Level / C-Suite / Executives / Leadership / Managers

Professional Coaching

Skills Coaching, Career Coaching and Performance Coaching for Work-based Learners, Apprentices, Undergraduates and Postgraduates

Personal Coaching

Kuzuko Group’s coaching activities are led by Dr. Manisha Morais who is a Qualified and Experienced Executive Coach & NLP Practitioner.

Career Advisory

Whether you are a student or a Board Level Executive, our career advisory sessions are tailored to provide you with everything you need to support you on your next careers steps. Our experts can provide support with:

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Skills Gap Analysis and Development & Boost Workshops

CV & Cover Letter Reviews, Workshops and Updates

LinkedIn Profile Reviews & Workshops

Job Search Strategies & Interview Mock Sessions

Professional and Membership Registration Support (e.g. Chartership, Fellowship)

Career Transition Support

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