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Cyber Security consultancy for enhanced business resilience

The need for companies to protect themselves from cyber attacks has never been more urgent. Data breaches are becoming more frequent and more damaging. The online world is growing much faster than most organisations can keep pace with, which inevitable leads to weaknesses and vulnerabilities in online systems.

Our experts supports businesses with:

Board Advisory

Cyber Strategy & Business Continuity

Cyber Awareness & Best Practices Training

GAP Analysis & Risk Assessment

Penetration Testing

Cyber Essentials Certification Support

As organisations change with new technological developments, there is a need for software that functions for the modern working practice. Our team of experienced and friendly experts build solutions that make business processes more efficient, improve customer experience and generate more profit for our clients.


We achieve this by providing manageable solutions and fresh perspective to businesses, helping transform the way they work, improving their performance, scale-up specific project or expand their entire operations.


Either being end-to-end or partial projects, our process is aimed at understanding the issues that can be solved by the latest technologies, collaborating with you to create business changing solutions.

Software Development Projects

Technical Specifications

A technical specification document outlines to the development team and stakeholders what the design, work involved, impact, and timeline of a project or service will be. It is an efficient way to communicate objectives so that the whole team can collaboratively solve a problem and create a solution. By encouraging the team to examine a problem before starting to write code, greatly reduces the overlooking of key aspects of the solution being created, which in turn enables the development of superior products.

How do we support you

  • Collect requirements and define deliverables.
  • Project scope enhancement.
  • Technical designs and support documents.
  • Team briefings.

Bespoke Development

Bespoke Software Development is a service to provide a software application engineered and tailored specifically to meet a company or person exact requirements – something that off-the-shelf software packages often do not provide. Bespoke solutions are an important market differentiator and offer a competitive advantage by streamlining your business processes to be more efficient and provide a better service.

How does it work

  • Initial discussions to understand the problem we will be solving together.
  • Gathering the requirements and design technical and supportive documentation.
  • Presenting wireframes and/or prototypes for clarification and approval.
  • Project planning and scope signing-off.
  • Agile based development and delivery.
  • Customer testing and approval (UAT).
  • Deployment and continuous support.

Quality Control (Black Box / White Box)

From specialization to fresh perspectives, there are many reasons why outsourced testing is beneficial in DevOps. Your team can’t be experts in everything, especially for startups, it will be helpful to have access to skills and resources of experienced QA testing services that will provide you with a team of experts to ensure that your software experiences a smooth launch.

How do we support you

  • Performance Testing.
  • Functional Testing: Manual & Automated.
  • Regression Testing.
  • Security Testing.

Agile Product Owner

The product creation process varies tremendously, depending on factors such as company culture, industry, and current market situation. Often when Product Owners are chosen from within an existing team, they continue to carry out some or all of the responsibilities in their previous role, which results in limited availability to truly support the product team and focus on delivering value to the business or customer.

With our Agile Product Owners, you can get the engagement your team and your stakeholders need. Our Product Owners will be available to your clients and teams, clarify questions, and solve issues expeditiously. This focused and continuous communication and collaboration are crucial to avoid costly misalignment and ensure project success.

How do we support you

  • Defining and contributing to Vision & Roadmaps.
  • Defining Iterations & Stories.
  • Team Backlog Management
  • Budget Control.
  • Project Management.

UI/UX Design

Efficient design for software applications is always a priority. This requires thorough research and prior planning in order to understand the needs of the end-users and the problem we intend to solve with the application.

A great design provides end-users with engaging content and easy navigation, which in turn leads to an increase pool of users that are happy to recommend the application, and become loyal to the product.

How do we support you

  • Usability Design.
  • Interaction & Visibility Design.
  • Wireframing.

IT Consulting & Recruitment

When we can help

  • You have an idea for a software product but don’t know where to start or even whether it’s viable.
  • You’re missing a long-term strategy to help your business to grow.
  • You need guidance on how to successfully build and launch your software product.
  • You don't know whether you should "build or buy".
  • When you need to build your team, either being onsite or offshore.

How do we support you

  • Sourcing from most relevant technology pool of talent.
  • Prepare and carry out technical test to evaluate candidate competence.
  • Interviews and recommendation reports.
  • On-boarding process and continuous support.

PCI DSS Compliant Data Centre Audits

A Data Centre is an integral and essential part of an organization’s IT infrastructure and as such should be audited periodically to evaluate the adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of the controls in place to minimize risks such as unauthorized access to the data center, business interruptions, theft of information assets, security, emergency, and environmental hazards.

Operating policies and procedures

Physical security controls

Environmental controls

Incident management

Business continuity management

Security and emergency procedures

Power supply adequacy and redundancy

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